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10 Red Flags from an ‘Expert Food Coach’

There are so many ‘expert food coaches’ floating around online these days, it’s hard to keep up. They all use similar, problematic marketing tactics and generally have the same tag lines or themes.

Unfortunately, with the popularity of social media, it can be a messy task for the average person to untangle the content and be able to make informed decisions about their nutrition habits – especially when some of these coaches have so many followers. As I always say, the number of followers a person has doesn’t reveal their credibility. This coach’s feed is an absolute dumpster fire of misinformation and disordered eating and food beliefs.

This coach sets the tone for their content by clarifying that they are not a dietitian – “there are millions of them doing the same thing’ – she’s different, as if that’s a good thing!

She includes a backhanded insult that insinuates that 7 year olds know more than RDs when it comes to choosing ‘clean’ foods.

Ouch! So nasty.

She has been reading labels for SIX PLUS YEARS! WOW! Is that supposed to be impressive? I’ve been reading labels since I was 15, and part of that behaviour was because I had disordered eating. What does that say about her?

More on that in a second.

Now that we have established that this ‘expert food coach’ is not a regulated health professional, we can dive into why an influencer with a marketing degree is posing as an expert to market their services to you. It usually has to do with attention-seeking and money.

Let’s make one concession: this food coach sprinkles in some sound, true information mixed with the false in their messaging. For example:

Reading labels is a good practice. Of course we should be aware of what we are consuming, especially if we are diabetic or celiac. Making an effort to reduce the amount of processed foods we consume in favour of whole foods, is also good practice.

Even a broken clock is right twice a day… and this is where the positives end.

Her content is the perfect example of what you should be watching for – and avoiding – when you inevitably…


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