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Month: October 2022

Exercise May Boost Your Brain Health Later in Life

“], “filter”: { “nextExceptions”: “img, blockquote, div”, “nextContainsExceptions”: “img, blockquote”} }”> Get full access to Outside Learn, our online education hub featuring in-depth nutrition, fitness and adventure courses, and more than 2,000 instructional videos when you >”,”name”:”in-content-cta”,”type”:”link”}}”>sign up for Outside+.. Any certified trainer or health professional you ask will...
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You Need More Potassium & Fibre – Here’s How.

Building on my recent series exploring common nutrient inadequacies among the general public, today my gaze turns to potassium & fibre. I’ve chosen to group them together because, as is often the case, it is a very similar core group of foods that are high in both of them....
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Why You Don’t Have to Lose Weight For Your Wedding

There is so much pressure put on women to look a certain way on their wedding day. So instead of enjoying this special time, a lot of brides-to-be (understandably) start to panic and begin trying to figure out how to lose weight for the wedding. If you’re experiencing this, you...
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20 Best Gluten-Free Pie Recipes

The world of gluten-free baking is delicious and it’s fun to experiment with new gluten-free recipes. There are some gluten-free treats, however, that are more challenging to master – and gluten-free pie recipes definitely fit into that category! If you’re looking for the perfect gluten-free pie crust and most...
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what the latest study found

A recent study from Mexico was published that examines the potential impact that sucralose (commonly found as Splenda), has on our gut health, blood sugar, and insulin levels. The title quickly implies a link between sucralose, and something called ‘gut dysbiosis’. You’ve probably heard this term in the wellness...
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RIGOR OR REST? — Boulder Nutrition

I write to you with a heavy heart this morning, after hearing of yet another mass shooting in Oklahoma.   With the state of the world in utter chaos, as well as navigating our own personal ups and downs, it can all feel like too much to bear. How we tend...
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6 Simple Ways to Improve Your Gut Health

“], “filter”: { “nextExceptions”: “img, blockquote, div”, “nextContainsExceptions”: “img, blockquote”} }”> When it comes to wellness topics, gut health often comes to mind — and it should. We’re learning that a healthy gut is an indicator overall well-being, and research has already shown that it can affect digestive, heart...
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You Need To Eat More Vitamin A – Here’s How.

Last year the American Journal Of Clinical Nutrition published a paper based on recently released survey data looking at the eating habits of Canadian adults. They found that very specific vitamins and minerals were under consumed by large swathes of the population. One such micronutrient was magnesium, which I...
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20 Best Savory Breakfast Recipes

Beginning the day with a solid breakfast is important for blood sugar balance, learning, focus and attention, but far too many of us reach for sweet convenience items first thing in the morning like pastries, bagels, cereal, instant oatmeal and lattes. These sweet breakfasts set us up for blood...
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