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Month: December 2022

Thriving With Cancer: Meet Jenny Bradley

Jenny Bradley’s life changed in an instant when she heard the three short words none of us ever wants to hear: You have cancer. The holiday season was just around the corner, and Jenny had spent the last two years with a lump in her breast that her family...
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Eating Disorders – What Should Parents Know?

According to Statistics Canada data, approximately one million Canadians meet the diagnostic criteria for an eating disorder (ED). Eating Disorders are often diagnosed during teenage years as they represent a tumultuous life period for many young people. The Public Health Agency of Canada says: “Teens who develop eating disorders...
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25 Best Food Documentaries to Watch

There is a plethora of information available about food, health and wellness – in our fast-paced world, content is everywhere. When it comes to learning more about food, where it comes from and its impact on our health, we don’t always feel like opening a book or delving into...
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