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2023 Fitness Guide to Moving, Feeling & Looking Better After 50 – West Side Rag

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Core & Balance Training– This is where everything begins. You need a foundation before you can move on to challenging strength training. Your foundation is your foot, ankle abdominals, low back, hips and low back muscles. We want to get these areas of the body strong so they will prepare and protect you for more challenging strength work. Exercises such as bridging, planks, side planks, bird dogs and clams are some basic exercises to help build your foundation. And of course, balance work such as tandem stance and practicing standing on one leg should be part of your program. Along with your core, don’t forget your feet and ankle.

Strength Training– This arguably is the most important factor to help slow down the aging process. Muscle mass declines with age and over the age of 50, loss of muscle tissue accelerates. Studies have showed you can build muscle tissue at any age. Get on a regular strength program 2-3 days per week. Make sure to incorporate movements that are functional to life like squatting, lunging, stepping pushing, pulling and rotation. If you have orthopedic concerns, work within your comfort zone and seek out a qualified trainer. Muscle tissue is the most natural medicine we have. Building muscle will help with just about everything such as your posture, decrease risk for aches and pains, increase functional capacity and help aid in fat loss.

Cardiovascular Endurance– Cardio has been show to decrease the risk for numerous diseases, increase energy, aid in fat loss, and of course increase your endurance, which will help you in everyday life. Cardio is any exercise that gets your heart rate up. It’s recommended you get 3-5 days a week of structured exercise. Structured exercise is any exercise that gets your heart rate. This could be traditional exercises like the treadmill, elliptical or bike. Walking around town is great for your health and encourage this, but do not just stroll around town, as this won’t do much to improve your cardiovascular fitness.




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