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5 Times He Gave Fans Major Fitness Goals

Zaheer Iqbal was noticed by his fans in his debut movie ‘Notebook’ and he has also been winning hearts with his performance in his recent film ‘Double XL’. Other than his movies, he also aced in music videos this year like – ‘Ishq Da Dariya’, which got immense appreciation from his fans. Through all these years, besides his acting skills, dance moves and delightful personality, another factor which remained constant is his dedication to fitness.

So, on his 34th birthday today, here taking a look at all the times the actor gave his fans major fitness goals through his social media:

The Weekend Motivation

Zaheer Iqbal Instagram

In this picture, Zaheer is seen flaunting his perfect abs. The picture was posted by him during the lockdown where he was seen working out in an empty gym. Hence he has proven that if you have the will to work out the situation won’t hold you back.

The Toned Physique Mantra

Zaheer Iqbal Instagram

Carving the perfect abs with a touch of a toned physique is not child’s play. And Zaheer knows how to retain it seemingly well in a seamless manner. No doubt fans can’t keep their eyes off of his physique which is also an inspiring factor to them.

The Transformation

Zaheer Iqbal Instagram

You aim for a workout either to gain or to cut. Zaheer’s transformation picture is surely an inspiration to many. From a lean body Zaheer bulked himself up but the man also kept in mind that a buffed-up body will always need a prominent cut in it. Gaining weight is easier but having proper cuts on it is really something you wish for if you are a gym freak.

The Warrior Avatar

Zaheer Iqbal Instagram

Alongside his gym routine, Zaheer is a martial artist too. The actor keeps himself fit with kickboxing and other forms of martial arts. Won’t you like beat some heat just by smashing the punching bag the way Zaheer does?

The Bicep Flaunt

Zaheer Iqbal Instagram

Zaheer always keeps himself engaged in fitness and that’s why his body looks as if it was sculpted. In this picture we see Zaheer flaunting his biceps and we wonder how prominent it is.

Here’s wishing him a very Happy…


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