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A woman who was called out by fitness influencer Joey Swoll said she’s since been flooded with hate messages and death threats

The woman’s TikTok appeared to have around 220 likes when Swoll reacted to it.Screenshot/TikTok – thejoeyswoll

Joey Swoll has been going viral for calling out people who call out others at the gym.

A woman who was criticized by Swoll told Insider that she received an onslaught of hate as a result.

She said she had to deactivate all her social media and has suffered multiple panic attacks.

Over the past few weeks, fitness influencer Joey Swoll has become known for his videos that mostly call out women for labeling men “creepers” at the gym. Swoll, who has over six million followers on TikTok, brands himself as the “CEO of gym positivity.”

However, some of his fans aren’t very positive. While many people have dubbed him a “hero” for defending men in gyms, others have pointed to his aggressive fanbase and the way he continues to call out women as a sign that he could be fueling misogyny, which is already widespread on the internet.

A woman who was recently called out by Swoll said she’s received hundreds of hateful messages from the influencer’s fans, including people telling her to kill herself and dox her address. Nora Love told Insider her coworkers and friends have also received harassment as a result. Some, out of an abundance of caution, felt the need to deactivate their social media accounts. She said she fears for her safety and has suffered repeated panic attacks.


Last week, Love found a clip of her video featured on Swoll’s TikTok page. The fitness influencer, who has 6.4 million fans, stitched her video to denounce her actions in them. Love originally filmed an older man at her local gym who she claimed was leering at women at the gym and not doing much working out while he was there.

“There’s no way he’s looking at her,” Swoll says in his video response to Love. “Could you imagine if this was the other way around and he did this to you?” His video has been viewed over 6.2 million times.

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Love, who’s a real estate agent from Orlando and mother of three, told Insider that she heavily debated whether to post her original video.

She said her alarm bells went off after she noticed the man staring at…


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