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Amazon Canada is having a huge sale on fitness equipment, including this $104 squat machine

Save 29% on Amazon fitness equipment, including the Sunny Health & Fitness Upright Row-N-Ride.

For many people, January offers a chance to kick-start your lifestyle with healthy new habits. Whether that’s through mindfulness, diet, or exercise, it’s the ideal time to invest in yourself.

Amazon has all the products you’ll need to get started — especially if new gym equipment is at the top of your shopping list.

Right now, Sunny Health & Fitness equipment is on sale, including the Sunny Health & Fitness Upright Row-N-Ride for 29 per cent off.

Sunny Health & Fitness Upright Row-N-Ride. Image via Amazon.

$104 $148 at Amazon

How does it work?

While this exercise machine might look like your run-of-the-mill stationary bicycle, it’s actually a unique way to work your quads and glutes in a supported squat.

You start by placing your feet on the pedals and your bum on the padded seat, then holding onto the handlebar. Next, you bend your knees as if you’re sitting in a chair and use your glutes, legs, core and arms to pull yourself back into an upright position.

This compound exercise works virtually every muscle in your body at once, as your legs, butt, arms and core are activated with each rep. This helps burn more calories for an efficient workout in less time.

The details

This machine comes with a digital monitor to track your reps, time spent and calories burned. It also features three levels of resistance to tailor your workout — each band adds about 10 kg of resistance.

In addition to standing squats, you can also use this machine for bent over rowing, deadlifts and chest presses. Once you’re done working out, the bike folds quickly and can be stored almost anywhere in your home.

Sunny Health & Fitness Upright Row-N-Ride. Image via Amazon.

$105 $148 at Amazon

‘Low impact, effective and, most importantly, fun!’

This “Amazon’s Choice” product has won over shoppers, with a whopping 27,000 five-star reviews. Customers have called it a “great machine” that lets you “really feel the workout” on your abs, quad, bicep and glutes.

“Best low impact all-over workout EVER,” one person shared, writing that they “highly recommend” this…


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