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Amazon’s Halo fitness trackers are on sale

In an ideal world, you’d be the picture of health: eight hours of restorative sleep every night, a morning meditation routine, a personalized exercise regimen and a daily menu of balanced meals. But this is real life. And this is the holiday season, which always amplifies the challenges of everyday life. Amazon’s Halo View fitness trackers essentially take on the role of doctor, nurse, personal trainer, chef, life coach and spiritual guru, monitoring everything from your heart rate to your weight fluctuations to your sleep patterns. And — surprise! — they’re on massive sale right now. So whether you want to get one to improve your own routine or gift it for the holidays (and they make great gifts!), now’s the time to snap up a Halo.


Amazon Halo View fitness tracker

$35$80Save $45

With this No. 1 bestselling Halo View, you’re getting a 360-degree view of your health, including real-time personal stats along with expert guidance for improving your well-being in every area of your life.

$35 at Amazon

Halo Views truly represent the best of what fitness trackers have to offer. The handy gizmo tracks your physical activity, sleep quantity and quality, blood oxygen levels, BMI (the tracker scans your body to measure it!) and much more to record priceless data. It all appears in a health summary you can review at any time on a full-color OLED display — the real selling point — on the face of the band, which comes in lavender, green or black.

This next-level device truly has your back. It offers live workout-tracking, sends important reminders for sticking to your health goals or simply encourages you to move your butt, whether that means taking 10,000 steps or swimming 10 laps. It’s totally customizable, of course. And it even lets you know if a text message has come through while you’re otherwise engaged.

Users need a Halo membership to use their fitness tracker — that’s where they see their health overview and are introduced to a whole suite of tools and information. The good news is when you nab this Halo View, you get an all-access Halo membership free of charge for an entire year. After…


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