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Banned AI is being used to help with everything from dentistry to fitness training

ACROSS the globe, people have been using a new artificial intelligence app called ChatGPT to help with all sorts of tasks.

It’s even being used in China, where the program that generates humanlike text isn’t officially available yet.


The artificial intelligence app ChatGTP isn’t available in China yet, but many citizens have found ways to use the program anywayCredit: Alamy

Chinese citizens have been using virtual private networks and international phone numbers so ChatGPT can help with everything from coding to fitness to dentistry, the South China Morning Post reported.

“I used it to write a 3,000-word thesis for a course in Marxism, and it successfully passed the plagiarism detection,” one student said on Weibo, a Chinese social media platform.

That’s why schools across the US have been banning the app.

A computer programmer on Weibo said ChatGPT helps him write code, which has increased his productivity significantly.

The app also created a fitness plan and gave nutritional advice to a Weibo user looking to get into better shape.

ChatGPT has been a smash hit for its developer OpenAI. When the program debuted last month, it garnered 1million users in its first week online.

ChatGPT and similar programs could generate 90percent of the content online by 2025, artificial intelligence expert Nina Schick told Yahoo! Finance.

Although many people have found the program helpful or entertaining, there are also serious concerns.

The app has been used by cybercriminals to help create malware, ransomware, viruses and other nefarious software.

There was also public outcry after the peer-to-peer mental health support app Koko conducted an experiment where ChatGTP provided counseling to users.

Those who participated in the experiment were happy with their experience, but the idea was panned by many on Twitter.

OpenAI has not said why ChatGPT isn’t available in China.

Other places like Iran, Russia and parts of Africa also don’t have access to the program.

Chinese companies are working on their own artificial intelligence programs, but they’re more focused on direct practical applications like video editing or…


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