Best Cold Press Juicer to Juice Cilantro, Parsley, Herbs & Greens

John from shares with you the best juicer to juice cilantro, parsley, and other herbs from the store or your garden.

In this episode, you will learn why John chooses to use the Sana 727 Supreme juicer to juice his homegrown cilantro and parsley instead of using a different cold press juicer.

First, you will learn about how cilantro grows in the garden and how long the fibers can get when the plants go to flower. You will learn what part of the cilantro plant John likes to juice. You will also learn how John grows parsley to eat and juice in his garden.

Next, You will learn why John chooses the Sana 727 to juice his functional herbs and leafy greens in the Sana 727 over other juicers. You will learn the benefits that the Sana 727 supreme juicer has over other juicers on the market as well as the brushless DC motor that can operate at 4 different speeds.

You will learn what John is juicing with his cilantro and parsley to make it work better in the juice and taste better when he drinks the juice. you will learn about the proper ordering to juice these items, and how to properly prepare grapefruits to ensure you get the most nutrition out of them.

You will then see John juice about 2.5 pounds of cilantro and parsley in the Sana 727 juicer with Cocktail grapefruits and organic cucumbers.

You will see the results of juicing including learning how wet the pulp is that came out of the juicer as well as how much pulp the juicer put into the juice.

Finally, John will taste the juice and share the taste of the juice and share his final comments about the Sana 727 Supreme juicer with you.

After watching this episode you will learn why John chooses the Sana 727 for juicing his cilantro, parsley, herbs, and other leafy greens he grows when he wants to extract the highest quality and most yield using a single auger juicer.

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