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Best Fitness Smartwatches for Android Users in 2023

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If you’re exercising without one of the best smartwatches for Android users, you’re missing out on the opportunity to measure your progress and make your workouts more fun. Having technology on your wrist has become a norm in the world of fitness, according to Connor Derrickson, a fitness performance coach at Future, the app that pairs you with a world-class fitness coach who manages your ongoing fitness remotely.

“In recent years, we seem to have evolved more and more towards prioritizing our health and fitness by utilizing technology and information,” he says. That’s because tracking fitness adds another component to your workout. “Fitness watches make training, exercising, or even walking fun because it becomes a competition—a game in which you are trying to beat yourself every single day.”

If you’re not a member of the Apple Universe (or you want something compatible with both Android and Apple devices), don’t worry, there are plenty of excellent Android smartwatches on the market. And, if you’re new to this whole sports watch trend, Derrickson offers a few tips on what to look for when choosing one of the best Android-compatible smartwatches for crushing your new year’s fitness goals.

Monitoring Heart Rate. “You obviously want something that will monitor your heart rate while you are wearing it, but you also want it to show your workout heart rate as well as your resting heart rate – and you want it to be accurate,” Derrickson says.

Tracking Calories Burned. “Many people like to know how many calories they are burning throughout the day as well as throughout one episode of training.” And if your watch has this feature, Derrickson says it can create a fun challenge for you to burn more calories each day and also see how caloric burn is affected by various training intensities.

Watch Compatibility. You need to understand how your watch works with your phone, etc. “Also, there are some watches that struggle more with third-party apps and will operate at slower speeds…


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