Best Juicer to Juice Medicinal Fruits & Berries to Maximize Phytonutrients

John from shares with you the best juicers to extract the valuable phytonutrients out of berries and fresh medicinal fruits.

In this episode, John will share the best style of juicer to extract the juice out of fruits that generally have a softer texture that most juicers are not able to extract the juice effectively.

You will learn the best cold press juicers to extract the maximum yield out of berries as well as other medicinal fruits.

First, John will explain why some slow juicers may be problematic when juicing fruits, and which style of slow juicer he finds best works when juicing firm fruits.

Next, you will discover why the Pure Juicer is the best juicer for extracting the most juice from fruits. You will learn why John does not believe a 2 stage hydraulic press style juicer will likely not extract the highest phytonutrient content out of berries, fruits, and medicinal fruits.

You will learn why it is important to properly grind or masticate the skin and seeds of fruits to extract the valuable phytonutrients out of the various fruits that you desire to juice.

Next, John will juice purple Malabar spinach berries in the Nama vertical single auger juicer. He will explain why he is using a vertical slow juicer instead of a hydraulic press style juicer that will get a higher yield from these medicinal fruits.

You will discover how you can maximize the extraction of the berries by re-juicing the valuable berry pulp with additional pineapple, that can help pull additional phytonutrients out of the purple berries.

Finally, John will compare the two juices that he made in this episode: 100% pure cold-pressed Malabar spinach juice and pineapple with re-juiced Malabar spinach pulp.

After watching this episode, you will learn more about the best juicers to extract the active phytonutrients out of berries and other medicinal fruits, so you can increase your phytonutrient intake.

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