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Best Oculus Quest 2 fitness games: get moving with VR sports

Oculus Quest 2 fitness games are a great way to combine exercise and gameplay. They are one of the most innovative ways we can use VR technology, and they can provide the motivation to pick up an exercise routine and stick with it when just jogging around the block didn’t do the trick.

With a range of different themes, exciting gameplay and clever use of player psychology, the developers of Oculus Quest 2 fitness games show their understanding not just of people who love video games, but also how to use gamification to get us to do something that’s good for us. Using VR for your living-room workout has never been easier, either – if you don’t own a Quest 2 headset yet, we can help you with the best Meta Quest 2 deals and how to connect your Quest 2 to a PC to play VR games available outside the Quest 2 store.

This list offers a variety of Quest 2 fitness games in order to find the workout that’s best for you – from rhythm games to dancing and boxing, there is something here for everyone.

(Image credit: Beat Games)

Beat Saber

This rhythm game is a workout for body and brain

Not only is Beat Saber one of the best VR games out there, it’s also one of the best ways to get fit using a VR headset like the Quest 2. Its deceptively simple gameplay sees you slice red and blue blocks in time to popular music tracks using dual laser swords; it’s like an aggressive version of Guitar Hero. You’re also forced to dodge around and under floating barriers that head your way.

Beat Saber ask you to prove both your musical ear and your stamina, as you’re swinging your arms and dodging to the music. It’s a whole-body workout, and you’ll be sure to feel the burn throughout your whole body especially on higher difficulty levels that increase both the speed the blocks come flying at you and their number. However, Beat Saber also makes you feel very cool with your sabers, and before long you’ll enter a flow state where you just want to keep improving. It’s a simple concept, implemented so effectively that  the workout part will seem like an afterthought, at least until your muscles scream the next morning. Thanks to the great…


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