Best Upgrade for Vitamix Blenders – Vacuum Blending & Food Storage Kit

John from shares with you the best upgrade for your Vitamix Blender so you Can Vacuum Blend with the Biochef Container and Automatic Pump that allows you to vacuum blend your food and save your food under vacuum in mason jars or vacuum bags.

In this episode, you will learn about the vacuum blending kit that includes a BPA-free jar, vacuum lid, and automatic vacuum pump that works with your Vitamix so that you can vacuum blend with your classic Vitamix blender motor base.

First, you will learn how this kit does more than give you the ability to vacuum blend in your Vitamix blender… It allows you to vacuum save your food by removing the air from the included zipper-seal vacuum bags. You will also learn how you can convert standard mason jars into vacuum-sealable jars using a push pin and some electrical tape. You will learn how you can store your nuts, seeds, frozen fruit, dried fruit, fresh fruit, smoothies, or juices using this method to easily store foods in a mason jar with the included biochef plug-in automatic vacuum pump.

Next. John will have special guests Lissa and Nate from Raw Food Romance to share with you their experience with blending in a traditional Vitamix blender without a vacuum and how long they have been blending. You will then learn their opinions and review the biochef vacuum blending kit that fits on the Vitamix and learn if it does make a difference.

You will then get a demonstration of vacuum blending Lissa’s plant-based marinara recipe in the biochef vacuum carafe and the traditional Vitamix blender. You will see the difference in color and the bubbles in the mixture of the non-vacuum blended version.

You will then see how you can store your vacuum blended mixtures under vacuum to remove the excess oxygen out of the container so they will store 2-3x longer. You will discover how much air is injected into your blended smoothies, soups, salad dressings when using the Vitamix.

Lissa, Nate, and John will then taste the traditional marinara blended in a Vitamix and share their opinions and then share their opinions on the vacuum blended version sharing what it tastes like to them.

Finally, You will discover more about the biochef vacuum blending kit and if you should take your Vitamix to the next level by purchasing the kit so you can prevent nutrient loss, decrease air in your blends that can help to reduce bloating, gas, and belching, preserve more of the original flavor, maintain better color, and have less separation when blending.

After watching this episode, you will better understand the benefits of the biochef vacuum blending and food storage solution and why you need to purchase it as an upgrade for your Vitamix so you can take your diet and health to the next level.

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