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Carrot Salad and Hormones

“Thanks to the Ray Peat carrot salad, this simple combo of a shredded carrot, coconut oil, vinegar and sea salt, has helped thousands of women (and men!) across the world experience better digestion and a major reduction in estrogen accumulation issues.”


I’ve had a flood of people asking me about Ray Peat lately, and while I’ve been super busy with my Eating After 40 course, I knew I had to take the time to review this person, his nutrition views and how he influenced a viral raw carrot salad trend. #rawcarrotsalad, y’all!

Peat has gained a cult following with TikTok influencers and middle-aged bloggers alike, with his simple carrot salad that, he proclaims, cures everything from thyroid dysfunction to PMS.

Problem is, human physiology and health aren’t that simple.

Also, am I nuts, or does this guy remind you of the Medical Medium?

Who is Ray Peat?

While he publishes an online blog, Dr. Raymond Peat has no published research studies, nor does he reference relevant or up to date studies in any of his writing. His PhD was on age-related oxidative changes in the hamster uterus, was defended in 1972.

This is my daughter’s hamster, Cardi B. I thought I’d post this because since we’re talking about hamster uterus, why not?

Working through the articles on Peat’s website is like doing an ultramarathon through quicksand. Actually, the ultramarathon would be preferable to reading Peat’s solid text block word salads with outdated research and lots of scientific mumbo jumbo.

The vast majority of the citations Peat uses to back up his claims are rat and cell studies, and most are extremely outdated (many from the 1960’s). Some read like this:

Cold Spring Harb Symp Quant Biol. 2011 Dec 22. Bioenergetic Origins of Complexity

and Disease. Wallace DC. “The organizing power of energy flow is hypothesized to be

the origin of biological complexity and its decline the basis of “complex” diseases and


It seems as though Ray Peat’s assertions are more like theories that he has dreamed up.

Are we on the…


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