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Colne runners at LM Fitness complete extreme David Goggins Challenge

Gareth Metcalfe and Andrew Carson, members of LM Fitness in Colne, took on the challenge inspired by former US Navy Seal David Goggins to raise money for Positive Action in the Community (PAC).

The challenge sees participants run four miles every four hours for 48 hours, completing close to two marathons within that time.

Gareth Metcalfe and Andrew Carson (Image: Positive Action in the Community)

Positive Action in the Community is a East Lancs-based charity that supports those affected by youth homelessness, domestic abuse, and emotional health and wellbeing.

LM Fitness’ Goggins Challenge started on Friday, March 3 at 8pm and on each of the 12 runs, Gareth and Andrew were joined by friends and supporters from the club and PAC on different legs.

The runners went live on Facebook at the start of each run to appeal for fundraising and explain the different services PAC has to offer in East Lancs.

Gareth and Andrew were joined by other LM Fitness members for parts of their challenge (Image: Positive Action in the Community)

They completed their final run at 4.00pm on Sunday, March 5, ending the 48-hour adventure where they started at LM Fitness.

The challenge raised more than £1,500 and all the money raised will be going to support PAC and their ongoing projects, including SafeSpace (supported accommodation for homeless young people), HAPI (offering homeless prevention support in the community and schools) and Be Free (safe houses for adults and children affected by domestic abuse).

Gareth, who organised the event for LM Fitness, said: “As a gym community, we know that we have the numbers to make a difference when it comes to charitable causes.

“We’ve done it previously and wanted 2023 to be another year of doing the same. The Goggins Challenge was ideal – fitness based, which all our challenges are, and very hard.

“It proved to be even more brutal than expected. We chose PAC as a charity operating in our local town.

“With many strands to their work, we knew that we could help many people through the money we raised, but more importantly through the…


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