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Creating a Conscious Vacation Experience: Meet Nilú Feregrino

Todos Santos, a sleepy desert town near the tip of the Baja California Sur peninsula, is well-known to conscious vacation go-getters. From its stunning beaches, whale watching, and surfing, to artist enclaves, farm-to-table restaurants, historical buildings, and a rich wildlife ecosystem. It’s a destination getaway for peace and tranquility, yet close to modern amenities and activities if you’re looking for something interesting to do.

In the centre of it all, Culinary Nutrition Expert Nilú Feregrino is trailblazing a new path to conscious vacations with her brand-new boutique hotel and cooking studio. A mere six years ago, Nilú barely knew how to cook. Now, she and her husband run a plant-based, environmentally friendly getaway where she teaches cooking classes.

“Most of the time, I’m talking to the guests about what I learned in culinary nutrition school,” she says. “I love my guests and my students, and I love to share what I know.”

Finding the courage to cook

Photo: Ashlie René 

Nilú has always loved eating, but felt completely lost in the kitchen. Her husband, a talented home cook, prepared the household meals and she never imagined that one day she could, too.

“I thought only Grandmas knew how to cook,” she laughs. “I felt that I didn’t have the talent, it was too difficult, and I didn’t even know where to start. It was very challenging.”

A move from Milan, Italy to San Francisco was life-changing in more ways than one, especially when it came to the food. Nilú discovered local farmer’s markets, fresh produce she’d never tried before and delicious plant-based restaurants. Living in a health-conscious city, Nilú was inspired to learn more about nutrition.

As she searched for both online and in-person programs, she couldn’t quite find the right fit – until she came across the Culinary Nutrition Expert Program.

“When I discovered the Academy of Culinary Nutrition I went, ‘Oh my god. This is what I really want’. I couldn’t find another course like it,” Nilú says. “It brings together a perfect blend of nutrition and…


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