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Ester Marsh: Fitness etiquette – Salisbury Post

Ester Marsh: Fitness etiquette

Published 12:00 am Saturday, December 31, 2022

Happy New Year! And I am so excited that we are getting close to “normal” (whatever that is, right?). More people are coming back and we are very excited to have many new and returning members. But especially since COVID many people have forgotten the “unwritten” fitness etiquettes that we all should abide by.

I also have found out that “common sense” is not very common at all!

Therefore I put this fitness etiquettes list together for people to follow wherever you are:

• Wear comfortable clothes. However, make sure they cover all that needs to be covered. Men, make sure that all things stay in your shorts. Women, make sure all your parts are covered. A good sports bra is a must, especially if you are well endowed.

• Athletic shoes are highly recommended. If you don’t have them make sure you wear closed shoes. Flip flops or open-toes shoes are a no-no. That includes no muddy boots please!

• Please wear deodorant. Just because you don’t smell yourself does not mean we don’t smell you.

• Flip side of that, don’t wear excess perfume or after shave. If we can still smell you after you left, you are wearing too much.

• Please put bags and/or coats out of other people’s way (the locker room is a great place to put them). Dropping stuff where you work out is not an option. Even the benches are to sit on, not to put your stuff on.

• Don’t hog the equipment. Shorter intense workouts will get you to your goal sooner and everyone will get along. When conversing extensively get up from equipment and enjoy your conversation. Update your social media when not sitting on workout equipment.

• Don’t sing along with your music please, especially with earphones in — enough said.

• Use headphones when listening to your own music!

• We really can hear everything you are saying when you are on the phone. Do you really want…


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