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Fitness Coach Gaurav Molri Reveals The Perfect Home Workout To Look Lean & Fit

Lean Body Home Workout program is perfect for busy professionals 

Gaurav Molri – A certified personal trainer from ACE and also an Orthopaedic Exercise Specialist has always been a fitness enthusiast striving to become the best version of himself. Gaurav started his journey in 2012 to gain confidence. 

His sheer focus and consistency helped him enhance his physical appearance and gain the required muscles and flexibility. That’s when he realized that this was something he wanted to do. It’s his way to give back to society, and help people learn, understand and grow because of the revelations he made in himself. Back in 2015, Gaurav was training as a personal trainer. He was able to train around 3-4 people every day and that’s when he realized that a lot of his time and efforts are wasted just in commuting. He began by putting workout content on his Social where a large number of people can be catered to, especially the ones who don’t have time to rush to the gym or people with a tight-knit schedule. 

He has developed a fitness program for individuals who are caught up in their professional life and who can’t spare two hours in the gym for their workout. The program is designed for beginners who are uncomfortable in the gym. He further adds,” Joining directly Gym before learning basics is not the right approach as this can lead to injuries. Not having enough knowledge & learning basics of body movement, even after months of training, some people do not achieve satisfying results. This is where my home bodyweight workout program is designed for busy professionals to help them learn the exercises, strengthen their core & improve their form & posture.” Gaurav’s lean body program has helped 1575+ busy professionals to adopt a healthy lifestyle not just physically but mentally. 

Gaurav Molri shared a perfect Body Weight Workout Routine that you can do at home  

Step 1: Warm Up 

To start with, individuals can simply step up with a twist for 30 secs X 3 times warming up the body followed by Jumping Jacks for 30 secs X 3 times 

Step 2:…


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