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Fitness In The Fresh Air by Mei Thum, City of London Freemen’s School

Outdoor fitness has soared in popularity over the last few years. Whether it is a result of the Coronavirus pandemic or simply due to more people becoming aware of the benefits of fresh air, demand for outdoor exercise is growing. For many, this includes walking with friends, scenic jogs or even wild swimming, however one activity stands out in particular. Both invigorating and motivational, and guaranteed to bring exposure to all the elements; outdoor fitness classes have proven to be the perfect activity for many.

Outdoor fitness classes initially rose in popularity due to COVID-19. Many people wanted to exercise following the pandemic however felt reluctant to enter gyms and indoor fitness venues which would involve close proximity to others and little ventilation. Here, the opportunity to join an outdoor fitness class became the ideal option. Since then, an increase in the amount of people enjoying these classes has become evident, many now choosing outdoor fitness options over indoor ones due to the considerable benefits.

Pip Skinner runs the brand “Pip’s Fit Club” and explains the benefits of exercising outdoors – “Getting out in the fresh air is very important for your health and wellbeing. You get vitamin D exposure from the sunshine and will start to recognise improvements in mental health as you connect with nature.” Appreciating fresh air and exercise simultaneously clearly has huge benefits, creating the perfect boost for both physical and mental health.

However, that’s not to say that nature doesn’t come with its challenges including rain, wind, ice and all the elements British weather can bring! Pip agrees that although it may seem difficult, it’s important and even beneficial to face the elements – “I think it’s all about having the right kit. You feel so good once you’ve been out in the elements. It makes you feel invigorated!” It is clear that weather should not hold you back when it comes to outdoor fitness. Some have even taken this to another level, embracing the cold waters in another popular outdoor hobby that is not for the faint-hearted…


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