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Food Network’s Robert Irvine On Staying Fit While Traveling And Private Jets

Robert Irvine may be best known as the star of Food Network’s Restaurant Impossible, but beyond that, he runs an expansive business empire with 11 different companies, including shooting dozens of episodes for his various TV shows, all while maintaining a top-level of fitness. That comes despite being on the road 345 days a year, of which nearly half support his foundation’s philanthropic efforts. A typical year finds him landing at military bases in the Middle East and small towns in the middle of nowhere. His latest book, Overcoming Impossible, is a must-read for anyone who enjoys practical advice. It’s chock with lessons he’s learned personally, including from helping hundreds of restaurant owners back from the brink of failure.

Robert Irvine gives practical business advice in his new book “Overcoming Impossible.” He recently … [+] talked about how he uses private aviation to keep on schedule and how he maintains top fitness while on the road.

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One thing you shouldn’t bother asking Irvine about is where he likes to go on vacation. It turns out that isn’t on his busy agenda, at least for the time being. “I went to Bali once, and after two days, I was bored,” he says. However, that could change in the future. During a brief interview, the former military cook displays some of how he has applied life’s lessons to creating a successful business career. “Years and years ago, I told a certain individual with five assistants, ‘You’re just lazy. We don’t need that.’ Here I am today, using the same systems.”

Another key tool for Irvine is private aviation. He says, “I can finish a show and be home in a couple of hours or onto my next location. We have companies from restaurants to food and nutrition. We have nearly 5,000 employees. There is a plant in Pittsburgh. If I talk about Restaurant Impossible, it’s in every state and small town. There are over 95,000 locations that sell my retail products. Time is my enemy. Private aviation allows me to travel to places I couldn’t get to without multiple stops.”

Like many people, Irvine’s entrée…


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