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Gain fitness and build confidence at America’s Best Defense

Manager James Sheridan stands in the Northborough studio.(Photo/Kathryn Acciari)

NORTHBOROUGH – America’s Best Defense studio has been providing the community with martial arts and self-defense training since 2018. For children, the studio offers a martial arts program designed to teach discipline, respect, and confidence. For adults, the focus is on Krav Maga, the self-defense program used by the Israeli Defense Foundation. Manager Jimmy Sheridan says that students in Krav Maga are taught how to defend themselves in the event of a dangerous situation.

“Krav Maga teaches students the best options for staying safe and on their feet in a number of scenarios, such as when an attacker pulls a weapon.” 

Going through martial arts and self-defense training provides a foundation for building confidence in other areas of life. 

“We get to see people’s confidence grow. Parents get to see it in their kids, and adults also experience more confidence in life,” said Sheridan. “It’s the best feeling in the world, knowing that our work has that kind of impact on our students.”

America’s Best Defense also strives to adapt to its students’ needs and was able to serve its students through the pandemic.

“We had an opportunity to provide support to families during the pandemic,” said Sheridan. “For  one-half hour a day, the kids enjoyed focus and structure through their self-defense lessons. It gave the parents a much-needed break too.”

Throughout the year, America’s Best Defense finds ways to help the local community. Every October, the studio raises funds for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. In November, the studio held its Thanksgiving fundraiser and raised money to purchase Thanksgiving dinners for local churches to serve.

“We loaded the food in trucks and delivered it to churches,” said Sheridan. “We usually provide over 600 dinners each year.”

The instructors at America’s Best Defense are required to train at least twice a week, and guest speakers are frequently invited. Joel Manby, author of Love Works, recently talked to the instructors. 

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