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Galveston Diet Book Review – Abby Langer Nutrition

When somebody says their nutrition plan ‘isn’t a diet, it’s a lifestyle,’ they’re almost always trying to sell you a diet.

So, when I saw that exact phrase in the introduction of The Galveston Diet book, I knew that one of the focal points of this review was going to have to be whether or not The Galveston Diet is indeed a diet in disguise.

That and, assessing whether The Galveston Diet is a sustainable, evidence-based program that I, as a dietitian, can get behind. 

The Galveston Diet – and its namesake book – were developed by Mary Claire Haver, an OB-Gyn who practices in Texas and who has a large, rather effusive social media presence, especially on TikTok.

Haver’s general focus is on menopause, which has more recently been a cash cow for any doctor or influencer promising to shrink your ‘meno-belly’ and ‘balance your hormones.’

I’ve seen a lot of content targeting women in midlife who just want to lose some weight and feel like themselves again. Most of it is predatory garbage designed to make women believe that they can – and should – be as firm and thin as their 25 year old selves.

There are many people saying they’ve ‘cracked the code’ to menopause, but this is really all marketing. There’s no code. You can’t ‘crack’ nature.

The problem is that this is a fantasy. Bodies are supposed to change as we age, this is a fact of life that none of us escapes. Also, we’re all different. Because some influencer in her 50s is telling us that we too can be a size 26 again (Haver doesn’t make this claim FYI), doesn’t mean their method to get there is effective, safe, or smart.

The Galveston Diet Book Review

The actual education part of the Galveston Diet book is actually only around 140 pages; most of the remaining 263 pages is dedicated to menus, shopping lists, recipes, and resources. There are citations at the back of the book.

I feel strongly that books on nutrition should use quality research that thoroughly backs up what the author is putting out as evidence to support their program. That should be a pretty low bar in terms…


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