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Habit stacking suggestions from health and fitness experts

If, this year, you’re finding it hard to maintain momentum with any positive intentions you might have set, it may help to incorporate some behavioural science into your strategy. The concept of ‘habit stacking’ – coined by Wall Street Journal bestselling author S.J. Scott via his 2014 book Habit Stacking: 97 Small Life Changes That Take Five Minutes or Less, and further popularised by James Clear’s 2018 New York Times bestseller Atomic Habits – proposes you train your brain with routine to make lasting change.

The basic premise behind habit stacking is that you build routines around simple habits that require little effort. It also recommends combining tasks that can be done simultaneously, or pairing jobs that feel like ‘chores’ (like cleaning the bathroom) with something that you’re looking forward to (like listening to a new episode of your favourite podcast). These small wins then build momentum because they’re easy to remember and complete. Before you know it, those small behaviours combined have long-term impact.

While habit stacking can be applicable to all aspects of your life, from offsetting anxiety to enabling better organisation, it’s considered an especially effective tool for achieving sustainable wellness practises.

90% of adults quit a new exercise routine within the first three months

“Habit stacking is a great way to build consistency within your nutrition,” expert nutritionist and naturopath Rhian Stephenson tells us. As the former CEO of Psycle London, and now founder of functional supplements brand Artah, she knows a thing or two about living healthily.

Another visionary businesswoman, Anna Samuels, agrees. She recently launched Boxx+, a boxing-inspired app and wearable fitness tracker by Boxx (her East London studio), which is designed to help you build sustainable fitness – given that 90 per cent of adults quit a new exercise routine within the first three months. “Habit stacking is a brilliant technique for those wishing to make new habits or a positive behaviour change,” she tells us. “It has personally been an absolute game-changer…


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