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Health-Focused Box Subscriptions and Apps for the Fitness Lover in Your Life

Christmas is right around the corner, and if you’re running short on gifts (and time), don’t fret.  Nowadays, apps and subscription boxes are the thing. However, they’re more than just trending.

Apps provide personalized, convenient support while helping people reach their goals, while subscription boxes on the other hand, gives people something to look forward to every month!

Give the fitness lover in your life a gift that will better their everyday lives with these creative apps and subscription boxes.


Kira Stokes Fit App

Get ready to transform your body from head to toe in the comfort of your own home. With countless workouts designed to boost your overall fitness level, the Kira Stokes Fit App has unlimited streaming, a seven-day free trial, and a cancel-anytime guarantee.

Buy It: $14.99 per month or $149.99 per year after a 7-day free trial, at


Fit Snacks Subscription Box

Give the gift of clean and delicious snacks to the fit foodie in your life. Curated by an in-house nutritionist, you’ll never run short on variety and flavor.

Buy It: 29.90 monthly, at


CrateJoy Fitness

Everything a fitness lover or outdoor enthusiast could want is right here. From workout gear to hiking and camping essentials, choose a box filled that supports your loved one’s hobbies.

Buy It: $18 and up, at


CrateJoy Wellness

Relaxation, mental health wellness, and even support for your dog’s health comes with these unique subscription boxes designed with people’s health and wellness in mind.

Buy It: $9.88 and up, at


TLG Fitness App

Workouts, meal planning, and grocery lists are at your fingertips with the TLG Fitness App. Perfect for those looking to level up their fitness, take control of their nutrition and achieve solid results- All in the conform of your home.

Buy It: $9.99 or $79.99 yearly, at



Find your calm by improving sleep, reducing stress, and focusing on self-improvement. A perfect app for a busy holiday season.

Buy It:


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