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How fintech leaders can build their mental fitness for 2023

It’s unlikely that as a fintech founder, you’re adverse to challenges, setbacks, or obstacles. The current state of play, however, will test even the most robust of leaders. The sector’s more shaken up than a snow globe. We’re seeing competitors and colleagues scale back on growth forecasts and teams in equal parts.

As we zoom towards the year’s end, too, burnout and overwhelm tend to emerge as very real threats for so many of us.  As leaders we have a responsibility to our teams, our investors, and our families to take care of our mental – and emotional – well-being. Candidly speaking, the last thing our communities need is another burnt-out founder.

By introducing a few simple self-coaching practices in these coming days, you can build the Mental Fitness needed to help you navigate these last few weeks of 2022 and make the most of the seasonal downtime. So that you can go into 2023 thriving as a leader.

Cognomie’s co-founder and CPO, Kate Hesk, shares how:  

Start by understanding stress

First, we really need to understand stress. Specifically, how it manifests – it’s about having an awareness of how it presents for you. Stress is often bound up with the experience of imbalance, challenged boundaries, or uncertainty, so common in the current environment. And, because stress spirals, we tend to find ourselves reacting. We lose self-awareness, and self-agency and vitally, forget our role in the specific dynamic.

That’s why building preventative mental fitness strategies is key to long-term well-being.  How can you notice, respond, and react confidently to stress rather than let it trigger you?  

When you press the pause button on a machine, it stops. But when you press the pause button on human beings, they start — start to reflect, rethink assumptions, and reimagine a better path.

Mental Fitness is about making sure you’re carving out gentle pauses throughout the day – to check in with yourself, recalibrate, and re-align. A quick walk around the block, a few deep breaths at your desk, and making yourself a lovely cup of coffee.

Breaking the day up with mindful pauses helps you move from…


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