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How Sneaky Diet Culture Shows Up

Diet culture is all around us and – due to years of cultural conditioning – is often internalized within us. While certain diets can be easy to spot (looking at you Atkins and South Beach), the dieting has learned that people aren’t looking for ‘diets’ anymore so they’ve changed the marketing game in the name of “wellness”. This is what I call sneaky diet culture and it can disconnect you from your body and challenge your intuitive eating journey. Read on to find out how to spot the less obvious ways diet culture shows up

Often when people are introduced to the idea of diet culture, and begin to start the unlearning process, they usually will right away notice some of the obvious ways that diet culture and the dieting mentality show up in their lives.

For example, a doctor telling someone to lose weight because their BMI falls into the “overweight” category (which is total BS and not backed by science).

Other more-recognizable ways of diet culture are “fad” diets like WW (formerly Weight Watchers), keto, Paleo, Jenny Craig, etc., all of which openly promise weight loss.

But what about the less obvious ways that diet culture shows up?

How to Spot Sneaky Diet Culture

Over the years as I’ve worked with my clients, I’ve come to realize that there is the “overt” diet culture or diet mentality, and the more “sneaky” diet culture.

Many of my clients are tired of dieting, so they stop physically restricting food or counting calories. They allow themselves to eat a bigger variety of food and work on making peace with food.

And while they do the work to unlearn the rules of diet culture, there are still many ‘sneaky’, more covert ways in which it shows up.

These more sneaky, insidious forms of diet culture may not overtly promise weight loss. Often they market “eating healthier” under the guise of well-being, which can make them tougher to sniff out.

Yet if you look closer, the message is still the same: follow this plan, do these things, and you’ll be “healthier” (subtext: thinner). It’s still making money by feeding into the fear of being fat and all the…


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