How to Best Juice in Bulk to Save Time | Juicing for a Week in 1 Hour

John from shares with you his bulk juicing tips so you can make a week’s worth of juice in a single hour. You will learn how to buy produce in bulk, the best juicer to use to juice in bulk, general juicing tips, how to make a green juice, and how to best store it so it can last up to a week when using a slow juicer.

In this episode, John will share his knowledge of juicing that he has learned over the last 25 years, so you can save time, and ensure you preserve the maximum amount of nutrition in the juice if you choose to store it.

First, you will learn how to buy produce in bulk, and some of the stores that John purchases his produce. You will also learn about purchasing wholesale produce and why John recommends organic produce to juice in bulk.

Next, you will discover that some juicers are BETTER and some are WORST for juicing in bulk. You will learn why you probably should not purchase a cheap Chinese juicer to juice in bulk.

You will then learn about John’s favorite juicer and why he prefers the Omega VSJ843, over all others he has tested. You will learn how you can make enough juice to go on a juice detox, juice cleanse, or juice fast in an hour by making nearly 2 gallons of juice.

Next, you will discover how adding lemon, lime, or even vinegar can help preserve the juice. You will learn about the two major enemies of juice and how it can go bad with storage. You will learn an uncommon tip on how you can reduce bacterial load in the juice you are making.

You will learn some of the juicing accessories that are critical for juicing in bulk, including a cutting board, 2-quart glass collection cup, and most importantly, mason jars.

John will then share his green juice recipe with you and all the produce he is juicing in this video so that he can make enough green juice to drink for the next 7 days. You will then learn the basics of juicing in the Omega VSJ843 or other vertical juicers. You will see John juice all the produce including 4 heads of organic celery, 9 heads of organic romaine hearts, 6 organic cucumbers, and fresh-picked kale from John’s garden.

After Juicing, you will learn the most important aspect of juicing in bulk: Storing the juice. John does not fill to the brim and seal the container as virtually all other Youtube videos preach. Instead, he removes the excess oxygen out of the juice to ensure it doesn’t oxidize by any significant amount. You will learn why using the proper vacuum pump is critical for even de-airing the juice to remove dissolved air bubbles in the juice.

The Blendtec Vacuum Pump and Stainless Steel Vacuum Lids are not currently available. Please check my other videos for videos on these products once they are available, which should be within the next 30 days.

You will then discover the correct temperature to store the juice in your fridge to ensure it lasts as long as possible so that you can do all your juice meal prep in 1 hour a week so you can drink juice all week whether you are on a juice fast, a juice detox, or just want to drink juice every day.

After watching this episode, you will know how to juice better than most juice bars to preserve the highest level of phytonutrients in your juice.

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