How to Make a Smoothie Thicker

thick smoothie tips and tricks

Ever wonder how to make a smoothie thicker? Youre not the only one. I get asked this question all the time from people joining in my FREE 7-Day Green Smoothie Challenge. Ive compiled a list of great tips that can quickly turn that smoothie from sad and liquid-y to thick, creamy perfection in a glass. These are all natural smoothie thickener optionsno weird additives or fake ingredientsjust real, whole food.

Read on to learn how to make the creamiest, dreamiest smoothie with all natural ingredients + 10 ultra creamy smoothie recipes.

bananas and avocados make creamy smoothies

bananas and avocados make creamy smoothies

5 all natural smoothie thickener tips + tricks

Its not always necessary to make your smoothie feel like milkshakes in your mouth, but sometimes its nice to have a creamy, healthy treat. A lot of times, extra creamy means extra content (more protein, fiber, fat, etc.). This makes creamy smoothies a great replacement for meals as well as post-workout drinks.

1. Use fruits with soluble fiber

Many times, soluble fiber is praised for its ability to make your stomach feel full. It attracts water then forms a gel-like consistency, which helps to slow and regulate the digestive system making you less hungry. The same thing happens when blending fruits with soluble fiberthey attract water in the blender and make the consistency more creamy and gel-like.

Here are some fruits that are high in soluble fiber and can thicken up a smoothie quick:

frozen fruits help thicken smoothies

frozen fruits help thicken smoothies

2. How to make a smoothie thicker with frozen fruits

Fruit with soluble fiber is a natural way to make a creamy smoothie, but sometimes you dont have any available. Thats when we turn to our frozen fruit friends! I love keeping a couple different frozen fruit options on hand at all times because they help thicken and chill smoothies, not to mention lengthening fresh fruitsshelf-life.

Click here to learn how to freeze all kinds of fruits/veggies!

natural smoothie thickener

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natural smoothie thickener

3. Use a creamy liquid base

The type of liquid used in a green smoothie can change the consistency a lot. Liquids like water, green tea, and coconut water tend to blend thinner smoothies (which isnt a bad thing). Find out more about green smoothie liquid-bases here. To make a thicker smoothie without the common side effects of dairy milk, try a plant based milk option (there are SO many out there!).

When looking for a natural smoothie thickener, try using one of these liquids:

chia seeds turn smoothies into cream machines

chia seeds turn smoothies into cream machines

4. Use chia seeds to thicken your smoothie

Chia seeds have tons of nutritional value, but they also do a great job of boosting the cream factor in green smoothies (as well as protein!). Soaking chia seeds for 10 minutes before blending turns them into a gel. If youre using a non high-powered blender, go this right before blending. This will help your chia seeds blend and not just stick to the sides of the blender.

5. Add in a scoop of plant based protein powder

Protein powder is a great way to boost any smoothie and turn it into a meal. Yet a quality plant based protein powder also works as a great smoothie thickener. I created Protein Smoothie Boost to be added to any smoothie imaginable and provide 10 grams of protein through organic hemp protein, organic chia seeds, and organic flaxseed. Making a smoothie thicker doesnt get much easier than scoop, blend and enjoy!


Do ice cubes make a smoothie thicker?

Yesand no. Frozen ingredients do help thicken a smoothie. Just know that ice can thin out your smoothie if theres already too much liquid in it. Try smoothie cubes to keep that smoothie cold nthick.

How do you thicken a fruit smoothie?

Using a creamy liquid base like oat or cashew milk helps thicken a smoothie. Also using fruits with soluble fiber like peaches, bananas, and avocados create thick, creamy smoothies.

What can I put in a smoothie to thicken it?

If your smoothie is too thin, then try one of the following: adding a fruit with soluble fiber, use frozen fruit, us a creamy liquid base like nut milk or oat milk, use chia seeds, add a plant based protein powder.

10 thick ncreamy smoothie recipes

Looking for a smoothie recipe that already is a cream machine? Ive got some great options for you to try:

What is your fav thick smoothie? Leave a comment below and let me know!

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