How to Make Celery Green Juice Recipe in the Kuvings 3″ Wide c7000 Juicer

John from shows you how to make a celery-based green juice recipe in the Kuvings C7000, Kuvings EVO820, Kuvings CS600, Kuvings CS700, and other 3″ wide vertical feed chute slow juicers properly so you have the best experience with minimal clogging and/or backing up.

In this episode, you will learn how to specifically make 1 gallon of a 3 ingredient green juice that contains celery, cucumber, and leafy greens including swiss chard and spinach.

You will discover how you will need to precut certain produce items so they can juice properly without issues in the Kuvings Wide Feed Chute Juicers.

Next, John will make a vegetable juice in the Kuvings consisting of mostly organic celery, organic cucumbers, and organic greens and share his specific technique for juicing these vegetables to show you how it should work in the Kuvings Wide Feed Chute Juicers.

You will learn how much pulp is normally left in the juicer when you are finished juicing and some of the ways you can minimize the pulp left in the juicer that did not get juiced.

After watching this episode, you will learn the techniques that you should follow to have the best experience using your Kuvings EVO820, Kuvings C7000, Kuvings CS-600, or Kuvings CS-700 Juicer.

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