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How To Make Nut and Seed Milk

Homemade nut and seed milk is a staple liquid that can be used in many different ways in the kitchen. It’s one of the first cooking techniques our Culinary Nutrition Expert students learn to master, and they are always surprised at how easy the process is. Basically, if you have nuts or seeds, water and a blender you can whip up a simple batch (or blend a larger amount for batch cooking and meal prep). If you’re game for some nut and seed milk excitement, there are also many ways to jazz things up by adding new flavours, natural sweeteners and nutritional boosts to amp up the health benefits.

In this culinary nutrition guide to nut and seed milk, you’ll learn how to make a basic batch of nut milk, along with the best nuts and seeds to use, batch prep and storage tips, flavour options, nutrition add-ons and best uses.

Culinary Nutrition Benefits to Making Your Own Nut and Seed Milk

There are many reasons to make our own nut and seed milks. The store-bought varieties are expensive, very watered down and often loaded with preservatives, refined or artificial sweeteners, emulsifiers and stabilizers that may detract from our health. On the other hand, homemade nut and seed milks are:

Free from any additives or preservatives
Naturally dairy-free (dairy milk can be difficult to digest and aggravate many health conditions – this is why the Culinary Nutrition Expert Program is completely dairy-free)
Sugar-free, if desired
Low waste or zero waste
Easy to make at home
Rich in flavour and freshness
Simple to adapt with different nuts, seeds and spices
Higher in bioavailable nutrients if nuts or seeds are soaked in advance

Best Nut and Seed Options for Homemade Dairy-Free Milk

You can use virtually any nut or seed – it depends on your preference or if there are any food allergies in your household. Some are more strongly flavoured than others, which we have indicated below.

Neutral Nut Flavours
Macadamia nuts
Brazil nuts
Stronger Nut Flavours
Seed Options

Most seed milks have a robust taste; you’ll need to experiment with which ones you enjoy or mix them…


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