Hurom Celery & Greens Juicer vs Solostar 4 Juicer Review Comparison

John from compares the Hurom Celery & Greens Juicer aka Hurom DU juicer, model #GI-SBB08, and the Tribest Solostar 4 that is known to make the highest yield of any horizontal auger juicer.

In this full juicer review, you will learn the specific differences and similarities between the hurom greens and celery juicer and the Solostar 4 juicers and discover if it is worth buying the Hurom Celery and Greens Juicer instead of the Tribest Solostar 4 Juicer SS-4200-B and SS-4250-B.

First, you will discover more about the Hurom Celery and Greens Horizontal Slow Masticating Juicer that is being promoted by Hurom for juicing celery and greens as well as other fruits and vegetables. You will learn about its price & warranty compared against the Solostar 4 by Tribest.

Next, John will compare each model, part by part so you can learn the differences between the Solostar 4 Cold Press Juicer and the Hurom Celery & Greens Juicer. You will discover more about how each juicer works, how they are very similar, and how they are also different.

You will then learn how to assemble each juicer. They are easy to assemble once you do it a few times.

Next, you will learn what each juicer sounds like when it are turned on without any produce being juiced and which juicer is quieter. You will learn how many watts each juicer uses and which juicer John believes to have more torque.

Next, John will do a juice-off comparison test, and juice equal amounts of organic celery stalks that can be purchased at Costco. You will learn how much juice each model makes, along with how much pulp was created by each juicer. You will also hear John’s opinions on the texture of each juice.

Finally, John will strain the juice so you can learn how much pulp was put into each juice and how great the difference was. You will also learn the weight of the leftover pulp after juicing.

After watching this episode, you will learn if the Hurom Celery & Greens Juicer aka Hurom DU juicer is worth the premium price. You will learn which juicer costs less, has a longer warranty, makes more yield, and puts less pulp into the juice. John will reveal which juicer he prefers out of the two machines. You will discover why John chooses the Tribest Solostar 4 as the winner of this juice-off comparison

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