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I tried a garda fitness test after failure rates shock, I surprised myself but yoga background didn’t help me

A FORMER top cop has dismissed concerns that the garda physical test is too tough on recruits and said: Some young people just aren’t fit enough.

Figures released to Fianna Fail TD Jim O’Callaghan this week revealed that one in six garda candidates failed on fitness.


The Irish Sun’s Fionnuala being put through her paces with trainer manager Carl GrehanCredit: Gary Ashe-Commissioned by The Sun Dublin


Reporter Fionnuala Walsh passed the shuttle run at Performance Therapy Ireland in DublinCredit: Gary Ashe-Commissioned by The Sun Dublin


Fionnuala had to complete 27 sit-ups in one minuteCredit: Gary Ashe-Commissioned by The Sun Dublin

The Physical Competency Test (PCT) comprises of a shuttle run (bleep test) and push-ups. Following a two hour break, trainees must then overcome an obstacle course and the Push–Pull machine, which recreates a physical row.

Some 55 of 315 of the garda recruit candidates who took the fitness assessment last year failed.

Former Garda Superintendent Noel McLoughlin, of Garda Interview Preparation, guides potential candidates through the recruitment campaign.

The Westport native said he has “no concerns” about the fitness test and instead thinks some young people are just too soft.

He told the Irish Sun: “You want gardai to be fit and healthy, so you need a strong, robust force.

“If they are not fit then they are costing the State money through getting sick or bad backs or whatever it is.

“I see it a lot in front of me. Some young people come in and say they want to be gardai but their fitness levels are way off.

“They say they used to play a bit of GAA or football when they were younger but now just go to the gym.

“I have to tell them straight to their face – whether it’s a man or woman – you’re not going to pass as you’re overweight.

“I direct them to personal trainers like Stephen Weinmann and Carl Grehan in Performance Therapy Ireland.”

Noel, who has written a book titled ‘How to Pass the Garda Recruitment’, said some young people are just not fit enough for a life in the force.

He added: “Some of them seem to be more concerned about their…


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