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I’m a bodybuilding muscle queen – haters said no man will marry me but I love my look as a fitness goddess

A BODYBUILDER has hit back at haters who said no man will ever marry her and admits she loves her bulky figure.

Mary Nyarko Omarley, one of Ghana’s top international bodybuilders has revealed she has received multiple negative comments from trolls who slammed her for her muscular body.


Mary has opened up about the negative comments she’s receivedCredit: Instagram/mary_got_fit


Mary is proud of her muscular figureCredit: Instagram/mary_got_fit


She is one of Ghana’s top bodybuildersCredit: Instagram/mary_got_fit

In an interview with 3News, the bodybuilder opened up about the cruel comments she has received about her appearance.

And she said even though she is in a happy relationship, trolls tell her she will never be able to find love because of her figure.

She said: “As a female bodybuilder in Ghana, you even testify that it is challenging.

“You’ve seen some social media posts and everything. How people are bashing me and sending insults.

“Especially here in Ghana and Africa. They are like, ‘hey, what are you doing? Why are you deforming your body?’

“‘You will never get a man to marry, and you will not be able to give birth.'”

Mary admits that the negative comments affected her at first but she has learnt to embrace her body and ignore mean trolls.

She added: “Back then when I started bodybuilding, I will cry and stop working out. I mean, I’m human.

“It was really tough because I had to build myself mentally.”

Mary Nyarko Omarley first got involved in bodybuilding because she wanted to gain weight.

But as she realised her body’s abilities, she eventually decided to go into the sport professionally.

She is now the first woman in West Africa and Ghana to win the IFBB Figure Pro title.

The athlete who goes by Mary Got Fit on Instagram has over 25,000 followers.

She has also launched a GoFundme page to raise funds to help her achieve her dream and compete at the prestigious competition Olympia.

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