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I’m a fitness fan at 63 – I revealed my top anti-aging workout tip, people say I’m their ‘hero’

A FIT woman has revealed her advice for staying in shape at 63 years old.

Her fitness advice helped viewers who affectionately referred to her as their “hero.”


Teresa is a 63-year-old digital content creator and fitness fan on TikTokCredit: TikTok/ silveristhenewstrong

She stressed the importance of a healthy lifestyle to viewers and emphasized her anti-aging secrets in the gym.

Teresa (@silveristhenewstrong) is a digital content creator on TikTok with a passion for staying in shape.

Her recommendation for those seeking to look as good as her included hand-eye coordination.

“This is 63,” the gym-goer wrote over the video. “Working on my hand-eye coordination.”

She showed herself hanging from a bar with one hand while catching an object with her other hand.

The fitness fanatic showed herself alternating arms during her challenging workout.

“Coordination,” she emphasized in the caption.

Viewers, stunned by Teresa’s physical fitness at any stage in life, shared their thoughts in the comment section.

“You are my new hero,” one wrote.

Others said that at less than half her age, they couldn’t compare to Teresa’s workouts.

“Girl I can’t even do this at 25,” one commented.

Same here at 21,” another youngster chimed in.

Others had questions for the future of her fitness journey.

“So, are you getting ready to compete in something?” one asked. “Impressive.”

“No,” Teresa replied. “Just a strong, healthy life.”


She showed her best anti-aging tip, which included calisthenics and hand-eye coordinationCredit: TikTok/ silveristhenewstrong..

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