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I’m a fitness girl – I was the only person at my gym to wear green on St. Patrick’s Day but people say I’m ‘perfect’

EVERYONE has those moments where they show up to an event overdressed.

One fitness influencer got a little too excited for a holiday and dressed up — for the gym.


A fitness girl dressed up in green to the gym for St. Patrick’s DayCredit: TikTok @malleezy

Malia (@malleezy), a lifestyle content creator, shared her mistake in a video with her TikTok followers.

The gym girl tried to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day even during a workout by dressing up in a bright green workout set.

“Me dressing up in green for the gym,” she said. “I was excited.”

“It’s St. Patrick’s Day,” audio said excitedly.

However, once she arrived at the gym, she quickly realized no one else was wearing green, especially not bright green.

“We really don’t give a f***, it’s not a major holiday,” the audio continued.

People took to the comments to share their thoughts.

“I hate when this happens, you look cute though,” said one commenter.

“But now everyone knows you are the fun one!” encouraged another.

“Lol you used the perfect sound,” said a third.

Others felt her struggle.

“I went during peak hours today and I literally was the only one wearing green,” sympathized one commenter.

” I wore green and I telework lol and I cooked cabbage and sausage soup, do what makes you happy,” said another.


Nobody else in the gym dressed up for the holiday, howeverCredit: TikTok @malleezy..

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