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I’m a redheaded Army girl who loves fitness – I’m building a ‘certified dump truck,’ men say I’m their kryptonite

IF we’re looking to tone our figure, we have to put in time at the gym.

One military police said she’s exercising to build “a certified dump truck,” and men think her hard work is paying off.


Erza is a redhead who is working on strengthening her glutesCredit: TikTok/erza_scarlet_lifts


She said she’s “building a certified dump truck,” referring to her backsideCredit: TikTok/erza_scarlet_lifts

Erza Scarlet (@erza_scarlet_lifts) spends much of her time working out, and has begun to share her routines on TikTok.

In a video, the redheaded beauty flaunted her toned, lifted butt in tiny brown exercise shorts.

She got down on one knee and began pulling down on a weight machine.

“Back day,” she captioned the clip.

With someone filming her backside from all different angles, her thick legs and perky butt were on full view.

“How I twerk in real life. Just normalizing cellulite in fitness,” she said, referring to the cellulite visible on her thighs.

Viewers in the comments found her beauty arresting.

“Keep killing it. Looking great,” one person wrote.

“These redheads boy, goddamn kryptonite I swear to God,” added another.

And a third just had one word to express his admiration: “LAWDDD.”

As for another gym girl trying to normalize imperfect bodies, influencer Kaela (@kr.fiit) often posts her rigorous workout routines while showing off her muscular figure.

In one video, she revealed that even she has aspects of her body that many of us fear: rolls and cellulite.

“How my body looks when I flex,” she began.

Posing in a sports bra and biker shorts, she flaunted her lifted butt, tucked tummy and muscular arms.

“I have a good amount of muscle and a decently low body fat percentage,” she continued, while revealing more of her body.

 But she took a moment to be real with her followers too.

“I also look like this.”

She stood sideways to reveal how her belly looks when bloated and pulled down her leggings to show the rolls from her back and stomach.

“Experience bloat, have skin that gets squished out of my clothes, and…”

For the grand finale, she turned around to reveal the back of…


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