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Inspiring fitness stories of 5 real women

Fitness is not only about body transformation, it is more than just the ‘after’ and ‘before’ pictures. Behind the fit body of women who have lost weight, gained weight, or just want to stay fit is an inspiring story that pushed them to work hard and feel content with what they have achieved in terms of fitness. But some real stories are often left unsaid because of the glitz and glam of the social media world that drives us away from reality. Hence, the story loses its purpose. We don’t want that to happen, which is why we are bringing to you REAL fitness stories of 5 women who have had their fair share of struggles on their way to fitness.

Hidden behind the phone screens are real women who struggle, give up, fall, and then stand up to achieve their fitness goals. Not one story is similar to another. That just goes to show that each one of you is different and the results would be different! Having said that, here are 5 inspiring real women who shared with us their fitness journey and the changes they experienced after working out.

Shweta Bhadana: Didn’t stop for the sake of my mental and physical health

Inspiring fitness stories of 5 real women. Image Courtesy: Shweta

After her first pregnancy, she gained a whopping 30 kilos of weight which made her uncomfortable. She couldn’t breathe properly and it was affecting her mentally, which was the turning point for Shweta! “I started working out a few months after my pregnancy. It was my first time exercising and I felt relieved. I felt more confident in my own skin when I lost around 9 kilos in two months,” she shares.

Soon after, she got pregnant the second time and reached 98 kilos. “All the problem struck and I was struggling again. However, I started going to the gym and eating healthy to maintain a healthy weight.”

She struggled with cardio in the beginning but didn’t give up because she wanted to stay mentally and physically fit. Throughout her journey, she felt discouraged every time someone would come up to her and ask about the weight but she didn’t stop. It is a part of her routine now!

“I might have felt demotivated at times,…


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