strawberry juice beside strawberry fruits
Juicing orange juice and pomegranate

Is juicing leafy greens really that safe and healthy?

Is juicing leafy greens really that safe And healthy but if you’ve been Experiencing symptoms like nausea Dizziness fatigue bloating diarrhea or IBS and your body is talking to you Ayurveda does not recommend consuming Large amount of raw foods or cold foods Because these are home to parasites that Cannot be destroyed by just washing them You might have to mildly steam them boil Them cook them with some spices to Aid The digestive process now the argument Is you might lose some nutrients in the Cooking process but if you can’t digest It it’s of no use to your system Especially vegetables like spinach chard Kale bok choy cruciferous vegetables Like cabbage cauliflower and broccoli Cannot be digested they have high levels Of oxalate and gitrogens that can impair Your thyroid gland and your kidney Function and can cause severe bloating I’m sharing a list of safe vegetables That can be juice like carrot beetroot Cucumber celery cilantro and parsley Besides that stay safe here’s to Healthy Living and a healthy you