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Is Leptin The Key to Weight Loss?

I have gotten a ton of requests for a Zenith by Awakend review. Happy New Year! Please read this piece before buying Zenith.

Zenith by Awakend is a nutritional supplement that calls itself a ‘clinically proven fat loss accelerator.’

It allegedly works by decreasing leptin levels, which supposedly leads to better communications between fat cells and the brain.

But does it really?

As with every nutrition MLM (multi level marketing) company, Awakend’s site is plastered with images of thin, happy people enjoying their lives..all supposedly because they take Zenith.

And look! They have an ‘opportunity’ for you!

Classic MLM sales pitch.

What is leptin?

We can’t talk about Zenith by Awakend without first talking about leptin, its function, and what ideal leptin levels are.

Leptin is a hormone that’s produced by our fat cells. Leptin’s primary function is to regulate our food intake telling the body to stop eating when the brain senses that we’ve consumed enough calories.

Ghrelin, often called ‘the hunger hormone,’ acts opposite to leptin by triggering hunger when our bodies need calories.

If you’e ever been on a diet, you’ve probably had the experience of not being able to focus on anything but food. That’s ghrelin! Restrictive dieting has been shown to increase ghrelin levels, which essentially make food irresistible. This is the body’s way of preventing starvation.

Since leptin is produced by body fat, people who are obese often have high leptin levels. This is paradoxical – if their leptin levels are high, you’d think that these people wouldn’t even get hungry. However, elevated leptin in obesity often results in leptin resistance. Just like in insulin resistance, levels of the hormone are elevated, but the body doesn’t ‘see’ them. 

This results in higher blood leptin levels, because the fat cells just keep pumping out leptin, to no avail. 

In leptin resistance, even though leptin levels are high, the ‘hunger off switch’ of leptin doesn’t work, which results in the continuation of eating beyond what’s physically…


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