Is The Juice You’re Buying Actually Raw? Here’s How to Tell

Did you know that juice companies are legally allowed to label the juice asraweven if its not? Thats because theres nostandard of identityfor the termraw under FDA guidance.

Additionally, businesses are not required to label if the juice has been pasteurized or HPPd, since processing steps dont need to go on the label.

woman in store buying juice

Six Ways To Tell That Juice Isnt Actually Raw:

  1. The juice isnt refrigerated at the store. Shelf stable juice must be heat pasteurized.
  2. The lid is one of those Snapple-type lids thatpopswhen you open it. This is an indicator that the juice has beenhot filledin the bottle.
  3. The expiration date is more than a week from the day you purchase it. The maximum shelf life for raw cold pressed juice is 7 days, and even that is pushing it (3-5 days is standard)! If its longer than that you can bet its been processed to extend the shelf life.
  4. The juice is labeled ascold pressuredinstead ofcold pressed”. “Cold pressuredis a tricky term invented by the HPP term industry that sounds a lot like cold pressed, but they use it to mean high pressure processed.
  5. The juice brand is a wholesale / national brand. Companies that sell their juice wholesale to grocery stores are required by law to process the juice via HPP, Pasteurization, or UV.

    Pro tip: Raw juice is not technically allowed to be sold for wholesale distribution in the US. However, its worth noting that not all regions of the US enforce this regulation. So, if youre shopping at a small, local grocery store or café, its possible that they are re-selling actually raw juice made at a nearby juice bar. Always ask if youre unsure.

  6. The juice is made in a far-away place. Raw juice is not going to be transported very far. So if youre in Texas buying juice made in California, you can bet its not raw.

Beware of Marketing Terms

Some brands may not actually label the product asraw”, but might use some labeling tricks to signal that its raw when its actually not.  Here are some common labeling tricks:

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  1. Cold Pressuredas described above.
  2. Made from raw ingredients” – uhduh! All juice is made from raw ingredients. It doesnt mean that the juice hasnt undergone extra processing since it was made.
  3. Consume within 3 days after opening” – This is a great way to signal that the juice has a 3 day shelf life when in actuality, it might expire in 60 days. Check the printed expiration date on the bottle (it might be harder to find).
  4. Using the wordrawwhen describing other things, other than the juice itself. For example, the word raw might be in the brand name itself. Just because the brand has the wordrawin it, doesnt mean the product itself is raw. Tricky!

Ok, So How Do You Know If the Juice Is Actually Raw?

This one is easybuy from small, local shops where you can see them making the juice! If youre unsure, ask them where or how the juice is made. If they arent making it on-site (or nearby), you can bet its not raw.

Bonus: How to know if the juice is actually cold-pressed

Ask the juice bar what brand of machine they use to make the juice. If they use a Goodnature machine, you know its actually made in a real juice press. Check out the Goodnature Difference to learn more.

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