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Is Your Gut Making You Tired?

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Our gut may be the secret to better health. Learn to cook and eat to boost mood, supercharge your immunity and reduce inflammation with health and wellness expert Seamus Mullen. In our 7-week Gut Health Fix course on Outside LEARN, you’ll learn about the science behind gut health, lifestyle musts, targeted supplements, and most importantly, you’ll get into the kitchen to gain key gut-healing cooking skills.

Worn out, weary and ready for a nap by noon? Something may be brewing in your belly. Compromised gut health and changes within the microbiome – the community of organisms that live in the intestines – can drain your energy and promote lethargy. Research points to measurable differences in the microbial makeup of peppy, energetic folks and their always-exhausted counterparts. And studies link chronic fatigue with impaired intestinal function and higher numbers of destructive bacteria.

Gut balance affects overall energy in several key ways. Serotonin, a neurotransmitter associated with sleep and mood, is produced in the intestines. So, microbiome disruptions can directly impact restful slumber, plus your next-day energy and enthusiasm. Research suggests gut bacteria may also interact with the nervous system, directly influencing your mental stamina, focus and concentration. And an abundance of detrimental microorganisms escalates inflammation, leaving you exhausted all the time. 

Indigestion, bloating and cramps are sure clues all is not well in the world of your intestines. But gut disturbances – especially those that can affect your energy levels and ability to sleep – aren’t always so obvious/ Plus, sneaky lifestyle habits…


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