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Juicing Watermelon, GINGER And Key Lime

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Peace and love African family peace love And sunlight this is From vegan family and Today I’m I’m a turn on Medusa my juicer Is on today and I’ll be mixing For the first time Ginger with key lime In the juicer family so I’ll show you The process how to do this and this is a Very powerful for people who have come And call on our listings I’ll be juicing Cantaloupe a lot of juices in cantaloupe I’m trying the cantaloupe boots for the First time as you can see family I use An entire watermelon right here and This is the the skin of the water I’m Gonna be using this to make green juice As I’ve been doing ever since I Discovered I I get my my juicer family So this is uh you know as you know Sometimes you get small watermelon Sometimes you get big one But um this one was a very small one so I just only get like one jar So I’m gonna put this in the fridge one One and as we do this now what I what I Do with this with the residual of the Watermelon blend it up family and drink It as a little uh ice cream sludge put It in the fridge to make like a like a Like a bug juice I would say in Jamaica So I’ll blend this up in the blender And um yeah family so nothing no yes Right now when I’m juicing when I have My juicer family nothing no waste

Yeah families as I was saying to you Guys when I have my juicer nothing more Weird nothing now we have family Everything a family I’m back I’m back at It again the battery went down and died So that’s the reason why I have to stop The video family but as you can see You know as you can see family I just Make my green juice As you can see the green juice is so Nice family and so good I have some key Lime here and have some ginger family What I will be doing family I will be Making I will be mixing Ginger and key Lime and we’ll be juicing this family to See what we get so it’s my first time Trying this I just want to share this With your family so Ginger and key lime I’m gonna try this family this is the Sludge from the From the watermelon and this is the skin Family This is the skinny family of the Watermelon And I just juice it so what I’m gonna do Now if I’m the one had a pack of Ginger To it I’ll be adding a peg of ginger I’ll get in a pack of Ginger to that Green It’s green juice family and this as you Know guys this is very good this is good For men So if you’re watching this as a king

Need to try this old family you need to Try this out You know how to pack a ginger to this [Music] All right [Music] Yay family yay family yay family so as You can see guys when you get your Watermelon you know nothing nothing That’s everything So imagine if I’m like this I get three Different type of Type of jewels from the watermelon I get The watermelon juice I get green juice And I also get this with the watermelon Seed and everything blend up In this family Wow Guys so this is an act family imagine You can get three different juice From a watermelon family three different Juice from a watermelon wow that is Genius [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] [Music] And try to family you can go And try this And this is the cup I’m just gonna show This in the Dustbin And restart again but let me taste this Wow

So good Okay so if you don’t have the Juice yet By the way Go out and get your juicer And your 30 day kids family Cleanse so what I’m gonna do next I’m Going to wash the ski line All right what I want to try from I want To just juice it with the skin so let me Just wash it And wash this key lime As you can see guys I have my Ginger Right here So let me just pass this and come back All right family so I forget that I have Some cantaloupe so I’ll be trying some Cantaloupe juice for the first time this Is my first time trying this family so Yes family let’s try this cantaloupe and See if we can get some juice or type as You know family cantaloupe is a family Of watermelon and it has so much juice In it So I just want to peel it I can repeat The rust red fruit in Jamaica This is how we peel the water the Cantaloupe And cantaloupe has a lot of seed family A lot of seed a normal Leaf put the seed Out in the sun grind it up And you use it to make tea family you Know I mean as you know I’ve been Experiencing and trying things So I’m gonna get a spoon

The scrap the sea load family Okay this video is so much juice in this Cantaloupe So much juice So much juicing is cantaloupe family So what I’m going to do next is just cut It up in blocks Put it in the juicer You get some cantaloupe Juice For the First Time family I’m making cantaloupe Juice Let’s try this let’s do this yes family Go to get on the Class get on the detox family because This world is a wicked place we’re Living in right now living in Wicked Times I’ve man-made GMO food Finally on our way back to Nature our Way back to God That is why we want to teach you want to Preach and teach these things all day so Let’s try this cantaloupe Foreign [Music] [Music] And then foreign [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] [Music] Cantaloupe juice Yeah cantaloupe cantaloupe

Wow So nice So nice Peel this one and Juice It Up Yay family so I know for the grand Finale The grand finale family so what I’m Gonna do I’m gonna cut them out Keyline like this cut it in half like This Them in half I’m gonna put the seed and everything Inside the juicer family because the one Is real important and really strong from Nature not added everything natural from Nature from Godfather So let’s do this Let’s do this family let’s do this let’s Do health and health is well family Health is wealth health Foreign That’s the niceness Cantaloupe juice family first time Having it So nice you know as I said family juice Is way better than eating the fruit Trust me I’m telling you taste something Different it’s just light you just have A different taste you can’t believe That’s the fruit you know eating family I’m telling you So different I’m just eating Foods family so let’s do This for the first time I’ll be juicing

Key lime and ginger family Key lime and ginger for the first time Wow let’s do this one let’s do this Let’s do this yeah family let’s go let’s Get it let’s get out [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] All right family I feel like I feel like maybe this line is too big Maybe I have to cut it Before blocks I feel like it’s Triggering the the Um Juicer So let me just Juice It Up like this Family Four blocks As you can see if I only have some juice Already in this We have juice What I’m gonna do is I’m going to pack It I’m gonna pack it family pack it all In Juice I can fall in Everything packed Violin family Then turn this around so you guys can See the juice flowing [Music]

Foreign [Music] Only glass Wow guys this is like a shot you can Take a shot of this In the morning it’s like a shot Ah Why is tipsy Lipsy See we’re covered for this day Yeah families as you can see I’m out and Go go do this family go try it you get a Juice and start juice Start taking care for your health this Is Uncle from Family go to the website learn the foods Get the herbs you know like share and Tell help because health is the only Word So I’m out jobless