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Keep it Cleaner fitness duo Stephanie Miller and Laura Henshaw eye UK growth, tap Adelaide Equity

“It’s never felt like the right time [to raise capital] before… but I think we’re at a point where within our core market of Australia, where we’ve done an incredible job getting to this point, but in terms of where we take the tech and market expansion, we’re at a point where bringing on capital… can help us expedite those areas,” she said.

“We want to make sure we don’t rush it, and we want to bring on a strategic partner that’s aligned with our vision.”

The co-founders have tapped into their own audiences to grow KIC’s community. Tash Sorensen

The pair is also plotting an expansion to the UK in the next six months.

“We have quite a strong organic base there. We want to be deliberate in how we launch – you can’t take a product to another market and change nothing and expect it to work as well.

“But the Aussie lifestyle around health and wellness is something that… from our research we’ve found is inspirational for the UK.”

In the last year, KIC users completed 19 million minutes worth of workouts and viewed 3 million recipes. The KIC app has been downloaded more than 500,000 times.

The business also has a compound annual revenue growth rate of 28 per cent over the last three years, and it is cashflow positive.

Growth story

When shifting from a website to the app, Ms Henshaw said they structured their business plan around one key philosophy she had read in a business book – you need five months of financial coverage to be secure.

“That’s what we based the business off – we looked at how much we could build up a team, how much revenue we needed, and how long we could sustain the business with our subscribers. We wrote it on an envelope in Steph’s house,” she said.

“In the financial modelling we did, we had the subscription base from the website… and we assumed we could bring maybe a quarter of the subscribers across. But, we had more subscribers on launch day [for the app] than we’d had in our history.”

An undeniable factor in the company’s success to date has been the co-founders’ ability to tap into their own personal audiences. On Instagram, Ms Miller…


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