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Klinio Review: Can Klinio Manage Diabetes?

This Klinio review contains my professional opinion about Klinio.

What is Klinio? 

Klinio is a subscription-based diabetes management and weight loss app that promises to “manage diabetes through the power of habit”. 

They claim to offer an intuitive, fully personalized experience for you, by you, providing “a personalized and science-based solution for managing diabetes and prediabetes”.  

Since it can be hard to access RD services to teach management of diabetes and pre diabetes, an online option that’s more affordable would be super helpful – and this is what Klinio appears to be…at least at first.

Some countries provide diabetes education for free, some are covered through insurance, however some free programs have long wait times. With GP’s becoming less available/not taking on new patients, AI may be the future of chronic disease management. But does Klinio manage diabetes?

This Klinio review will find out.

The umbrella company behind these apps, Kilo Health, is based in Lithuania. Klinio is part of the same machine *ahem* group that brings us Beyond Body, Keto Cycle, and DoFasting, which all use a similar platform and quiz format, and have an underlying goal of weight loss and questionable ‘personalization’.  

I’ve reviewed Beyond Body before…If you’ve read that, you may have an idea of where all of this is headed.

Read my Beyond Body review here. 

Ostensibly to establish some credibility, Klinio uses its validation by the Validation Institute as a selling point. The Validation Institute is an for-profit entity, which means that there’s a risk for bias. Regardless, the one thing that Klinio is validated for is that 270 users with type 2 diabetes who logged into the app 19 times, over 85+ days, saw an average 0.5 drop in their A1c.

Here’s why you should be skeptical when a company cites outcomes like these:

A 0.5% drop in A1c is considered significant, although this is the exact margin of error that has been found to exist between labs. 

This data was self-reported, and lastly, we aren’t sure how many out of those 270…


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