Kuvings – Masticating Slow Juicer – Silver Pearl

Easily extract juice with this Kuvings NJE3580U juicer, which features a 170W, 80 rpm motor that minimizes heat buildup and oxidation during use to retain healthy enzymes. Extra nozzles adapt to a variety of tasks, such as grinding and mincing.

170W, 80 rpm motor
Easily juices fibrous fruits and leafy vegetables, extrudes pasta, grinds coffee beans and spices, minces herbs and garlic, makes soy milk and more.

Low-speed extraction method
Minimizes heat buildup and oxidation to retain healthy enzymes and produce longer-lasting juices.

Masticating technology
Helps maintain nutritional content.

Auto shutoff
Along with a child-safety guard for safe use.

Auto feeding design
Ensures quick, simple operation.

Extra nozzles
Juice, mince, grind and perform other functions for food-processing versatility.

Dust cover
Helps protect the juicer during storage.

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