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Lincoln fitness expert says, ‘Keep showing up’ ahead of New Year’s rush

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) — Leading the New Year’s Resolutions trend is America’s most common and failed resolution, getting into healthier habits.

Goodlife Fitness expert Tara Helms says community among other things is key when breaking the failed cycle.

“The statistics are, by twelve weeks out of starting your New Year’s resolution, 90% of people will quit,” she said.

She said doesn’t seek perfection, but recommends focusing on your goals to achieve consistent gym habits.

“I’m here to help them, I have a workout, I’m ready for them,” she said.

Helms says accountability, in large part, will assist your commitment and it’s proven to give better results.

“Tell your friends that you’re going to meet them at the gym, invest in a personal trainer like myself,” said Helm. “We help make you feel comfortable and help you be successful.”

She continued by saying maintaining achievable goals will ultimately help you stick to your goals.

“You can do it, you can make change,” she said. “Keep showing up, find those people with common goals, just like you, who might be starting off and find comfort in the community.”


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