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Master Three True Tests of Fitness with These Hacks

Do you train? Or do you simply exercise? It’s not a trick question – but there’s a difference between working towards a goal and going through the motions. To give your routine a shot in the arm for 2023, we’ve picked out three worthwhile targets.

#Hack One: Deadlift Double Your Bodyweight

The point: The double bodyweight deadlift is the standard expected by cult training community Gym Jones.

The hack: To shift really big numbers, you need to get your head in the game. Grip the bar and, instead of focusing on pulling it off the ground, think about snapping it in half. This will encourage you to keep the bar close to your body on the way up, making the difference between squashed toes and a crushing victory.

#Hack Two: Perform a Kettlebell Turkish Get-Up with Ease

The point: Unaddressed dodgy balance will hamper your ability when performing unilateral moves such as lunges, split-squats and single-arm rows. With the get-up, however, your body is forced to work as one efficient unit, promoting balance and boosting coordination. In other words, you’ll strengthen your entire body – and look cool while you’re at it.

The hack: There’s a lot to learn, but following personal trainer Mathew Lewis-Carter’s advice can help. ‘A common mistake is that people roll on to their arm as they come up,’ he says. ‘This prevents the load from working your delts and core as it should. Get around this by keeping your eyes focused on the kettlebell.’

#Hack Three: Run a 5-Minute Mile

The point: Running 10K won’t get you anywhere. According to UK Athletics coach Frank Horwill, one mile is the optimum distance for improving speed and endurance. That’s because only half of the oxygen required can be inhaled, making this a half-aerobic and half-anaerobic sprint to the finish.

The plan: Breaking it down into smaller sections will help you go the distance. ‘Practise 400m first, aiming to finish in 50 seconds. Once you’ve got that, try 800m, aiming…


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