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Meet Canberra’s newest dance fitness and Zumba destination that welcomes EveryBODY

Posted on 23 January, 2023

It’s quite fitting that Sandy Reinstadler’s lifelong passion for dance and movement started with a leap of faith.

In Year One she put herself forward for a spot in the school dance show, telling her teacher she’d tap dance for the show despite never having taken a class. The result was a spot in the front row of the successful concert and a lifelong obsession with all things dance, from performing for the Johnny Young talent school in Sydney to a “minor obsession of dancing in Rock Eisteddfods and dance festivals”, culminating in a career as a dance fitness and Zumba instructor.

Now Sandy is excited to bring that same approach—feet first, no fear—to Canberrans who want to shake up their fitness routine with the launch of EveryBODY Dance Fitness next week. Her message: Come along, because you never know what new passion you might discover.

A destination for twice-weekly Zumba classes that aims to be an inclusive and welcoming space for everyone from nervous beginners to snake-hipped dance veterans, anyone 14 years and older is welcome to attend EveryBODY’s classes without fear of judgement, looking silly or intimidating teachers.

“Our tagline is ‘A place for EveryBODY’ which means it’s for everyone but it’s also for every shape, every size, every ability,” explains Sandy. “I don’t care if you can’t dance or have never done any sort of fitness. The idea is that you come to class, you have a go and just watch how you’ll grow, doing these classes.”

“My whole purpose is to make everyone feel incredible and leave the classes with a smile on their face.”

If you’ve never heard of dance fitness or Zumba before, think: fun and energetic dance classes that take inspiration from Latin music as well as other dance styles and are easy to adapt to as a beginner, with absolutely no prior dance experience necessary.

Held in the hall of the Narrabundah Early Childhood School in Narrabundah, Sandy says the location has oodles of space and a cracking sound system—two…


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