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Move-to-Earn Crypto Is Coming to Gyms and Fitness With the Help of Combat Athlete Stars

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According to Statista, the health fitness industry is currently worth $96 billion. However, the healthcare sector is stalling due to a lack of radical technology breaking new ground, and Fight Out, appears to be the solution, as it is revolutionizing the fitness and health industry and providing massive value to users and investors.

A New Way to Keep Fit

Fight Out is a new, innovative platform taking the fitness industry by storm. With its full embrace of the move-to-earn (M2E) model, Fight Out is ensuring that users can access a full ecosystem of tools and products they need to improve their fitness across the board. The platform incentivizes users to get fit and work out, allowing them to earn as they do so.

Fight Out has built out an ecosystem of functional and reliable products. It provides fitness programs tailored to each user, allowing them to track their vitals and fitness progress. 

Fight Out allows users to set their fitness objectives as soon as they sign up. They can also add information about their fitness backgrounds, equipment availability, preferred workouts, and more.

The platform allows users to track all aspects of their fitness, including strength, cardio, endurance, and more. Users can also measure their nutrition, nutritional consumption, sleep, and other vital health data to ensure that everything they do is personalized to their specific needs. With this information, the app recommends workout programs based on advice from coaches, experts, and established fitness standards.

Users earn REPS, an in-app currency, as they progress in their workouts. To earn REPS, users must beat fitness challenges, consume in-app content, and engage with others. With REPS, users would be able to make purchases from the Fight Out store, sign up for subscriptions, and consult with trainers. 

Fight Out also has badges as part of its reward system. The badges are found inside the app and are non-fungible tokens…


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